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Internet of Things

Compact LoRaWAN Server. Open-source LoRaWAN Server that integrates both the network-server and the application-server.

Generic Erlang CoAP Client/Server. Pure Erlang implementation of the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP).

RabbitMQ Plugins

SMTP Gateway Plugin for RabbitMQ. Maps SMTP to AMQP (to convert an incoming email to an AMQP message) and AMQP to SMTP (to send an email from an AMQP message).

CoAP Publish-Subscribe interface to RabbitMQ. An experimental implementation of the draft-koster-core-coap-pubsub-02.

RabbitMQ plug-in for client authorization based on source IP address.


Python wrapper for the ThingMagic Mercury API.

Erlang client for NTLM Authentication and NTLM Over HTTP for interfaces to Microsoft SharePoint and other IIS based applications.

Erlang codec for GS1 EPC/RFID Tag Data Standard.